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   "The National Winning Loft"                   


    Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

        I am offering to the sport 20 yearlings for only £50 each.

        All the money raised will all be used to buy the people of   

      UKRAINE Vitally needed supplies of Bandages, medicines

          and other medical supplies to help with there suffering.  

    Log onto 

                for further information or ring Joe 

        Tel: Preston. 01772 861478. Mobile. 07484 679722.



  I am offering to the sport a yearling Cock off    

     Champion Leading Lady No2. when paired

                        to her own Son.  


                     Winner of over £750.00. and not just one but 2    

            Royal      Pigeon       Racing    Meritorious     Awards.  

            Contained in it's Pedigree are all my Champions,

                The "Judge" “Detective Inspector""The Chief Constable”    

       “Detective Sergeant” “Millennium Cock", “More Than Just Lucky”

               "Moneymaker" Fulwood "Classic",  Fulwood "Princess"

          "Leading Lady"  " Coronation Queen"  "Postal Strike Cock", Etc. 

                                  Her Son has also won over £150.

                   A Better Pedigree you will not find?


                    Check out the Website. See below.


Retiring from the Sport

Your opportunity to buy some of the Best Birds in the Country.

Get Your Bids in Now.

Leading Lady No2.

Winner of over £750..00p. and

TWO Royal Pigeon Racing Association Awards.

Winning 1st Middle Distance Award


1st Old Bird Any Distance Award.

(1 Award ONLY Multiple Results).

for 2019.

Winner of 1st Section "L" National Flying Club Messac 414 Miles.

8th OPEN 496/4043 Birds.

Flying over twice as far as the winning Pigeons & twice as long.


2nd North North West Section 69th OPEN.

Midlands National Flying Club Vire 351 miles.

363 members 3582 Birds,etc.

Scroll down for further information.

Pigeons that have been Winning out of turn since 1986.

Since then all my birds will have the winning genes of The Judge and The Chief Constable in the Pedigrees..

Why not invest in a matched pair.



                 The "Judge"                                              The "Chief Constable"  

 The "Judge" GB 95 N 16415.

A Winner of over 40 Prizes. 






2nd in the Great Britian Sporting Class Team 

8th in the World at Blackpool Olympiad 1999.











2ND FED   WEYMOUTH  123/1692 BIRDS. 

3RD COM  WEYMOUTH    300/3429 BIRDS.                                         





1ST CLUB 7TH FED WHITCHURCH               2356 BIRDS.


2ND OPEN  PENKRIDGE                                  56/384 BIRDS.

2ND OPEN  CHELTENHAM                              27/210 BIRDS.

2ND OPEN  PENKRIDGE                                   60/411 BIRDS.

2ND OPEN  PENKRIDGE                                   34/298 BIRDS.


4TH CLUB 8TH FED CHELTENHAM               126/1926 BIRDS.


4TH CLUB KEMPSEY                                                   160 BIRDS.


5TH CLUB CHELTENHAM                                         172 BIRDS.

5TH OPEN CHELTENHAM                                     19/110 BIRDS.

5TH CLUB 11TH FED GLOUCESTER                122/1859 BIRDS.

5TH CLUB 5TH FED GLOUCESTER                   125/1851 BIRDS.

Came together with 5 loft mates to take the first 6 positions in the Club and the Federation.

Etc Etc.

       The"Chief Constable"    

     A Winner of 36 Prizes        at 2 years old.





















                             THIRD……….3.064                              FOURTH…… 3.180




In the first two OPEN races of 1997 the Judge came together with his sire Fulwood Cracker  to take 1st and 2nd had there not been the stupid rule only one rubber in a thimble they would have been clocked together  to take joint 1st.

This would have given the Judge a coefficient of  0.981. which would have beat the World Championship Pigeon.


         JOE DORNING.              

March 13th 2020.

Article written by Chris Williams.

See Page 50,51,52,53. of the

British Homing World.

Click on Articles Section to read the

Loft report.


Coming shortly photographs of pigeons for sale.

Yet Another Oustanding Result for 2019.

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association

North West Region Awards.

Leading Lady No2.has been Awarded not just One Award but Two Awards.

Winning 1st Middle Distance Award


1st Old Bird Any Distance Award.

(1 Award Multiple Results).

for 2019.


Another Outstanding Result for 

Leading Lady No2. 

Midlands National Flying Club Vire 351 miles.

363 members 3582 Birds.

2nd NNW Section 69th OPEN.

Winning a further £232..00p.

Contained in it's Pedigree are all my Champions,

The "Judge"

     “Detective Inspector" "The Chief Constable”

                          “Detective Sergeant” “Millennium Cock",

                           “More Than Just Lucky” "Moneymaker",

                            Fulwood "Classic", Fulwood "Princess",   

                 Champion "Leading Lady", "Postal Strike Cock",

& "Jethroe"


2019. Midlands National Flying Club

Another great result.

Nort-Sur-Erdre.4th Section 17th OPEN

347 Members 2899 Birds. 

442 miles.

John's Choice

Bred down from the last Daughter of Champions" More than Just Lucky" and "Postal Strike cock". Both Combine Winners from over the Channel and much much more.



          2019. The National Flying Club

                  Messac 414 miles.

    Winner of 1st Section "L" 8th OPEN.

                 Leading Lady No2.     


                                  Winning over £490.

        2019. Due to the erection of nearly 300 new houses scheduled for 2019 in fields right behind my loft it is unlikely that I will be racing young birds, therefore all my young birds will be for sale.

Ask yourself,could your birds benifit with a good cross to help cut down your young bird losses and improve your performances?


Sadly, now over 23 years old and having broke his leg I am having to take the Judge to be put to sleep by the vet.

 When paired to Champion "The Chief Constable" they had won over 76 Prizes between them.

I don't believe that there was a better pairing in the Country at that time.

Hatched on 23rd February 1995

put to sleep 26th June 2018.

Also put to sleep "Champion Acting Inspector"

over 21 years old.

3 years on the bounce Topped the Federation and North West Lancs and South Cumbria Combine from the longest inland races.

30.1.1997. to 26.6.2018.

The Eye Sign of "Champion Acting Inspector".



  2017.         A Champion in the making.

     Scoring 5 times in it's first 5 Races

       for Novice Fanciers Tom Durrent & Joe Collings

                               of Newcastle.

                             Well Done lads.  



Another Great Perfomance Pigeon.

Raced by Jim Sephton of Kendal.




                                The NATIONAL FLYING CLUB.

                           7th Section 37th OPEN Fougeres. 

                                 383 MILES 923 YARDS.

                                 888 Members. 8,290 Birds.

                                       Winning £179..94p.                                   

                   Another Fantastic Peformance Flying Twice

                              as far as the winning pigeon.



            This is the 4th time she has scored over the Channel

       in various clubs including Fougeres, Messac and Ancencis.   


            Goes back to Champions “Millennium Cock” and

               “More Than Just Lucky” Also Fulwood Classic.



               A Grandson of Champion

       "More Than Just Lucky"

   and Champion"Postal Srike Cock".

       See below for further details of thier Fantastic Performances.

   10th August 2016. STOP PRESS:

Just recieved a Skype text message from

Dr .Kovacs Laszlo in Hungary.

"The relatives from your birds are Great in my Loft".

Ask yourself could your birds benefit

with a good cross to help cut down your young

bird losses and improve your performances.


Registration number plate

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Come Fly with me video.


Last race

2014 (Old Hens)

 National Flying Club Falaise 356 miles.

Sending only One Pigeon.


7th Section 78th OPEN flying up to

150 to 200 miles further than most lofts.


          Again off to another Flying Start in the first race

           starting as they finished in 2013 WINNING.


  2014: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th & 6th Wollaston 96 miles 227 Birds.

         Ask yourself could your birds benefit with a good cross to help

        cut down your young bird losses and improve your performances.

Winners from my own family producing for example :-.


    39 Members sent 595 Birds liberated in a

        Strong East Wind from Portland 224 miles


1st OPEN

2nd OPEN

3rd OPEN

4th OPEN

5th OPEN

7th OPEN

     See the above North West Classic Race video on my

Website showing my

First 4 birds dropping together clocking

4 birds in 2 seconds. 

  2013:  Finishing the Old Bird Season Winning the last two

                longest Old Bird Channel Races, Messac 414 miles

                       and with another Fantastic Result

  Only bird on the day from Niort flying over 525 miles.

Liberated in a North East Wind flying in record temperatures.             Over 14 hours and 13 minutes on the wing.                                  




For Sale.


This strain of pigeon has been refined over

26 years by breeding Winner to Winner

from my own family producing for example :-



My Princess Catherine with her latest pair of young birds which hatched out on the same day

(22nd July 2013)

as the Duchess gave birth to her son.

She was named after Katherine the Duchess of Cambridge. She was so named after being basketed on the the Friday Katherine and Prince William were married.She won the race from Cheltenham 132 miles on the Saturday and then sent to the North West Classic Club the following Monday Winning the race again together with 3 loft mates all 4 birds dropping together.

See the above North West Classic Race on my video link showing my

first 4 birds dropping together.



Finishing the Old Bird Season with another Fantastic Result

1st Niort (Only bird on the day)

  flying over 525 miles liberated in a

    North East Wind again flying in record temperatures over 

  14 hours and 13 minutes on the wing

his previous first are :-

Jnt 1st Club Jnt 6th Fed Mangotsfield 

63/1338 Birds.

1st Section 4th OPEN North West Classic Club Portland Winning £100.  68/716 Birds. 

1st Club Mangotsfield   16/316 Birds.

5th Fed Mangotsfield  78/1283 Birds. etc


Opportunity to buy a pair of late breds just rung ready in approx 3 weeks time off the above Cock when paired to a Full Sister to Fulwood Princess herself a first prize winner.

Another Daughter bred off Champions

“More than Just Lucky” & “Champion Postal Strike Cock ”  


Yet Another Fantastic

Performance by

"Fulwood Princess" (now 6 years old)

Clocked on the day flying Again over 14 hours in the National Flying Club Race

from Cholet 472 miles into a nose ender North/North West Wind all the way home.

573rd OPEN out of 6,462 birds

flying twice as far and twice as long as most birds.

She'll do for me!


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New Tips.


Why not try a Matched Pair

for 2013.



Numerous reports of my birds winning in Hungary, Spain, Canaria Islands and throughout the UK.


  A Grandson of Champion Millenniun Cock and related to numerous other top pigeons showing them the way home in

The Canaria Islands.

And More?

Just recieved a couple of emails and a telephone call from Eric a Top fancier in Scotland who is racing the Joe Van Dorning's requesting further birds and has described them as the Best Doo's (Pigeons) in the UK sending

a laterbred 217 miles to it's First Race which arrived first to the loft

by over 10 minutes.

Also stated that he had been in contact with Geoff who races in the Up North Combine who has won

10 x 1st Federations. One of the Van Dorning's winning 2 x 1st Federations

from over the Channel in 2012.


Ask yourself could your birds benefit

with a good cross to help cut down your young

bird losses and improve your performances.


The Wise and Best fanciers think

and plan ahead for the future.


Why not invest in a matched pair.

A select number of 2013 young birds will be for sale.


**** See a small selection of

2012 Young birds now

photographed for sale click on

the Icon Pigeons for Sale ****


2011: Another fantastic result from this loft

Featuring the North West Classic Club

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2011.

39 Members sent 595 Birds liberated in a Strong East Wind from Portland 224 miles Winning

1st Section 1st OPEN

2nd Section 2nd OPEN

3rd Section 3rd OPEN

4th Section 4th OPEN

5th Section 5th OPEN

7th Section 7th OPEN

Winning over £690.

See the above North West Classic Race on my video link with my

first 4 birds dropping together.


Both Sire and Dam of the above are


yes Double Combine Winners.



including Vains 358 Miles and Nantes 455 miles.

If there is a pigeon for sale with a better Pedigree then please let me know?



A New page has been added for the eyesign enthusiast.







To View the eye signs of my Top pigeons just click on the Eye-Sign icon.


See Pedigrees and



Click on the Pigeons for Sale icon.


2011. Returned from the disastrous

NFC Tarbes Race 741 miles

   with tail feathers missing from both sides of it's tail?         

Another Fantastic Performance by  

"Fulwood Princess"

Clocked in the National Flying Club Race

from Poitiers 517 miles.

Final result

10th Section"L" 173rd "OPEN"

winning £284.  863/5,893 Birds.

The first bird on the result to fly

over 500 miles in the race.

nearly 14 hours on the wing.

Coming to two chipping eggs.

See below her further performances in 2009.  


                    11th Section 84th OPEN

The National Flying Club

St Malo race the first bird flying over 360 miles.

   Flying 8 and a half hours in record temperatures and upto 170 miles further.  



 2010.              Nestpair of   

                  yearling Winners.


1st Section "C" 4th OPEN

 "North West Classic Club"Portland 68/716 Birds.

    224 miles. Vel: 1155 yards per minute. 

    Flying approx' 40 miles further that the OPEN winner.

      Also won Joint 1st Club & 6th Federation Mangotsfield 160 miles.  63/1338 Birds  2 days earlier.


               4th Section "C" 8th OPEN

 "North West Classic Club"Portland 68/716 Birds.

224 miles.Vel: 1148 yards per minute.



Click here for Video of Joseph Van Dorning


More short videos clips will be added soon.


***News Flash***!

A telephone call recieved from just one of a number of satisfied fanciers reports that in 2009 he raced

13 young birds bred from pigeons he had bred

down from the Van Dorning Strain and lost

just one in a smash and

7 out of the 13 birds raced won

One of the Van Dorning's won a Channel Race

Flying over 400 miles by over 32 minutes.

He is over the moon.

Have you invested in Winning Fresh Blood Lines or a Cross to improve your birds Performances in 2014 2015,2016 and beyond.

The wise fanciers think

and plan ahead for the future.


2009: 1st Club 2nd Federation 2nd Central Lancs Combine 3,780 Birds Lessay 2nd Three Counties Combine Lessay 7,476 Birds.

320 miles

Fulwood Prince: A Son bred off Champions “Coronation Queen” & Millennium Cock. 





2009: 2nd Club 3rd Federation 3rd Central Lancs Combine 3,780 Birds Lessay. 4th Three Counties Combine Lessay 7,476 Birds.

320 miles.

Fulwood Princess: A Daughter bred off Champions

“More than Just Lucky” & “Champion Postal Strike”  

Which goes to prove if you breed off Champions you are more likely to breed Champions.


Again clocking 4 birds in just over 5 minutes in The National Flying Club from

Fougeres 383 miles

taking 7th 8th 9th & 22nd Section L 

& 25th 26th 32nd & 66th OPEN  

out of  9,686 Birds.

         Winning £795.       


                        For further details please ring Joe

              Tel: 01772 861478. Mobile:07856687043


Update !!

Check out Pigeons for Sale icon.

I believe that you will not find better bred English Pigeons with outstanding pedigrees.



Off to a Crackin start or should I say a Flying start

taking 7 Positions (in a North Wind)

in the first 10 of the FEDERATION

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th & 10th

Stafford 56/ 1,038 Birds.




The RPRA Council ruled that ETS Can be used.

Do you struggle to clock in over 400 miles.

If you buy rubbish you will breed rubbish.

A pedigree is only as honest

as the man that made it out.

The pedigree of my birds are based

on over 20 years of the

basket and winning performances.

They race against every so called breed of pigeons advertised and still win after flying upto and

over 200 miles further.

Check out the New

Racing Pigeons

icon button


The National Flying Club Presentation Evening at Torquay December 2007.

Joe being presented with his trophies by

Judith Napolitano the wife of Carlo Napolitano

who is Her Majesty the Queens loft manager.

Racing Pigeons with Pedigrees

backed up with

Fantastic Performances from 60 to 622 miles.


Saturday 2nd June 2007.

Winner of

"The National Flying Club"

Cholet Race 2007

941 members 6,798 birds

1st  Section 1st OPEN

472 miles 504 yards

Velocity: 1562.451

8 hours 52 minutes.

"Coronation Queen"

holds the record for being the second furthest flying pigeon (472 miles) to win 1st Open in "The National Flying Club" flying into Lancashire ("Section L") in over 100 years in the history of

The National Flying Club.


A Magnificent Win for Joe Dorning

Brian & Joe.

Joe holding both: Coronation Queen and her Sire: The Judge

and his friend Brian holding her Grand Sire: Fulwood Cracker.

How do you top last years performance in

"The National Flying Club"

clocking 4 birds in the first 57 in the OPEN result

in 2006 out of 4,388 birds.

and having the 1st yearling in Section "L"

only by going one better and winning it.

The Details.

1st Section, 1st Open flying 472 miles is Joe Dorning of Preston who timed a 2y cheq pied hen who is impeccably bred. Her sire is The Judge, a winner of over 40 prizes; 2nd in the RP £10,000 Championship Sprint Category; 3rd RPRA Sprint Award and a Meritorious Award winner. He is from Fulwood Cracker, 7 x 1st x Fulwood Leading Lady, 5 x 1st and a Meritorious Award. The dam of the National winner won 1st Combine, 29th Open RPRA Millennium Race Vire 351 miles. She is from Fulwood Detective, winner of 37 prizes and Bird of The Year North West Lancs Fed x Fulwood Classic, 1st Section, 1st Open North West Classic Club Rennes 396 miles.

Now named Coronation Queen, Joe’s National winner had 8 races leading up to the coast and was then sent to Cholet. Her previous positions are: 1st Club, 2nd Fed Mangotsfield 77/1549 birds; 2nd Club Kempsey 164 birds (came together with winner); 3rd Club Ludlow 234 birds; 3rd Club, 11th Fed Cheltenham 76/1545 birds; 3rd Club Portland 155 birds & 5th Club Wollaston 157 birds.

Joe had this to say: ‘She is on no system really. She was in the stock loft paired to The Millennium Cock and I have bred 4 young birds from her this year. When I moved her last 2 young birds about three weeks ago, I also moved her and put her back into the racing section. But at every opportunity she got she would fly over my head and try to get back to her mate and I just put her back to him and then sent her to the National.

On arrival she was in fantastic condition.

Credit should go to all members of the Committee of the National Flying Club and the convoyers for the condition of the birds on their return. Also to people like Jack Pickup and no doubt other members who came up with suggestions into improvements in the final transporter design.

I would also like to pass on my personal thanks to Mr Brian Long for setting up a trust fund, so that the National Flying Club could buy the new air-conditioned transporters.

They truly are fantastic transporters and a great gesture to all the members of the club. John Edwards has also to be congratulated for his financial support to Brian in replacing the grills in the crates. You truly are gentlemen who are much respected and appreciated.

‘I feed my birds as much as they can eat of a good quality mixture from either Bamfords or Bucktons. They are also given a good supply of various grits and minerals, which are kept clean. Besides giving them good corn I believe that it is most important to wash and clean the drinkers ever day - and I do not mean just rinsing them out. I have had pigeons on and off since I was 10 years of age, which is for over 50 years now.

I do not have a partner but my friend Brian Parkinson comes round every Saturday to wait and to throw the droppers and he now rightly boasts that he took the rubbers off a National winner. He now proudly displays his own photograph holding the winner!

‘I sent 3 to Cholet and got all three. It was an exciting and confusing afternoon as I also had birds in a combine race from Lessay which were released at 10am and arriving approx. 30 minutes before the National birds. I was ringing other members and they were ringing me (Andrew Hastings, Frank Cuthbertson, Trevor and Tony Ennis from Whitehaven in Cumbria, Jim Sephton from Kendal,Jim Kenyon from Logridge and Tony Moss to name but a few).

Also I was checking on the websites for the wind forecasts and the progress and speed of the various Section winners as the birds were racing up the country, trying to work out the expected time to get a good one. To have one to be up with the leaders I calculated I needed one by 4.30pm.

I was keeping a close eye on the leading times, especially in Sections J and L, and the excitement was building up.

And then she appeared! Brian threw the dropper, which, although it has a broken wing, flew onto the top of the loft instead of going straight through the open door, which upset Coronation Queen and she failed to trap. She was a little nervous as she could obviously sense the excitement in my voice and would not trap through the open door or the stall trap.

In desperation I dropped the stall trap into the stock section where she was trying to get in. A big big mistake as three or four stock cocks then came out, and to say that panic set in would be an understatement. It was like Fred Carno’s circus until I clocked in at 16.22.

‘On accessing the National website, it said there were no birds recorded at the time of my bird’s arrival in Section L, which I did not believe. Approximately 15 minutes later I then managed to access Section L, which was recording a page of arrivals in our section. I worked out my velocity.

Frank Cuthbertson then rang me, asking if I had clocked in. I told him that I was just about to verify my time and he said, “You will not be far away with that time”.

Quite a long time elapsed and still my verification was not showing but I had worked out my velocity. It was then my heart started to beat a little faster.

I tried to refresh the website to see if that would make a difference but still my name and bird time and velocity was not appearing. The pages had frozen!

It was then I got a telephone call from the Secretary Sid Barkel asking me to confirm my seconds’ reading on the clocking in time. I informed him that it was a dead reading of 16.22.00. He then congratulated me and informed me that at that time I was in 1st Open position. To say that I was ecstatic would be an understatement - this was my ambition come true.

‘It was then my heart went into overdrive. Sid informed me that he was going to update the result right away.

It was back to the computer waiting for the updated result and telephoning numerous fanciers who had rung me up asking what the wind speed and direction was, and what time should they expect their birds from other liberations. Whilst waiting for the update to appear, I ran back into the loft to throw some corn into the troughs and I noticed three or four other birds had arrived from the club racing, which I had paid no attention too,due to having already clocked a number of birds.

The stock cocks had gone back in and, not checking, I had just closed the traps. Back to the computer and, after what seem be forever, there it was, the telephone result with Joe Dorning at the top. I just sat there shouting for Brian to come and have a look.

The club secretary arrived shortly after 6pm to take me to the club and then to the national clock station at Chorley. I showed him the bird. Then it was back to the computer to run a few copies of the provisional telephone result off.

In all the excitement and without checking, I shut the loft up and was off to the club and the national clock station. I was that high, if that’s the right word, that I never checked to see if my other two entries had returned.

It was only the next morning on entering the loft that I discovered that both my other 2 birds must have arrived sometime between 5 and 6 o’clock the night before and were in the loft before I set off.

I was so pleased to see them as they had both performed well previously that I was on a high again, so much so that when my wife saw me she said,  “DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE GOT YOUR SHIRT ON INSIDE OUT?”

That’s what a good drink celebrating does for you, but who cares, I have just achieved a life’s ambition. And my ambition now is to do it again before I die.

‘Whilst out celebrating the question of what to name my winner came up. Andrew Hastings, our club Secretary, started by saying that I had got to think of a name that I and fanciers would remember.

He said I remember the 2nd of June because it is my daughter’s birthday, it is also the anniversary of his sister. He remarked that everbody remembers 2nd June as a date in history because it was also the day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was crowned and everybody remembers that, so the name I have chosen is Coronation Queen. I will always remember 2nd June 2007.

‘I would like to thank all the numerous people that e-mailed and telephoned me and others who left messages on my answering machine to congratulate me on my bird’s performance.

Calls came from fanciers on the south coast, from fanciers in Wales and from fanciers right up into Scotland. And the telephone never stopped ringing till after 10pm.

Some of the comments were quite exceptional and straight from the heart. One message I picked up after returning from celebrating till the early hours on Saturday night was from Brian Stansfield. It said: “Hello Joe, it’s Brian Stansfield here, your section representative, ringing up to congratulate you on your absolutely fantastic win and achievement. I think it was wonderful for you and wonderful for Section L and all of us up here. The other thing is that Roy and Arthur Gough have asked me to pass on their congratulations to you, too.”

I mention this because of the genuine warmth and excitement in his voice. Thanks Brian and thanks also to all the other fanciers who contacted me. I would like to add my congratulations to all the winners and every member who took part in the race.

Keep sending and it may be your turn next. Believe in your birds and love them and you will get the best out of them like I do. Whether I will race Coronation Queen again is something I might have to take a little time thinking about.’

NFC Press Officers: Les Parkison and Cameron Stansfield.


I first met Joe nearly 50 years ago when as a 12 year old new starter his only ambition was to race pigeons successfully.
Since then Joe has spent a virtual lifetime in the sport during which time he has learnt a great deal about pigeons particularly in the field of selection breeding and racing.
Since returning in the sport 20 yeas ago Joe’s success in racing has been phenomenal at Club, Federation, Combine and Classic level his record is unsurpassed.
To complete the picture however we must add performances in the National Flying Club in which recent years Joe’s pigeons has achieved some outstanding results.
Finally Joe’s achievements have been at all distances and he must therefore rank amongst the best all round fanciers in recent years.

Brian Newson. (British Homing World)

I have known Joe Dorning for nearly 40 years. He has been the top flyer and Highest Prize Winner in the North West Lancashire Federation numerous times. The pigeons that he has got are of very high quality and any fancier purchasing pigeons today will breed winners and winners from them.

Cliff Holmes. (North West Lancs Federation Secretary.)

Numerous fanciers to many to mention throughout the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales have wrote, telephoned and emailed reporting winning with Joe Van Dorning pigeons.

Send an email to




 I was about 10 years old when I was bitten by the bug of keeping pigeons and was later introduced to the sport of Racing Pigeons - an addiction which has lasted for 50 years. When I was 15 I went to Blackpool Technical College to learn my trade as a Baker and Confectioner therefore the pigeons had to go. I again got the bug shortly after getting married in 1968.

I had a career change and joined the Lancashire Constabulary in 1975 and due to working unsociable hours as well as Saturdays and Sundays, I reluctantly gave the sport up in 1978 despite being the highest prize winner on numerous occasions in the club.

Obviously, I never lost contact with the fanciers and after pressure/ribbing from some of them and due to working more of a set-working pattern on CID, I again started back in the sport in 1986.

Over the past 20 years I have been the Highest Prize Winner in the Club, Federation and The North West Lancashire and South Cumbria Combine on numerous occasions winning averages and trophies too many to mention.

In 2004 I won the National Royal Pigeon Racing Association Award -The Tony Cornwell Trophy - The Best All Round Performance for 2004 Season  with a pigeon I now call

" MoreThan Just Lucky". A Hen that topped the Club, Federation and COMBINE twice in two weeks.

In 2004 I sent 10 pigeons to the National Flying Club Nantes 455 miles and clocked 5 birds in 15 minutes. My first bird was again "More than Just Lucky"168th OPEN (All 5 birds were in the first 325 of the OPEN positions out of 8.112 birds). In 2005 National Flying Club St Nazaire 451 miles, I clocked 3 birds in 15 minutes taking 5th 18th and 20th Section L.

In 2005 at Messac 414 miles I clocked 8 birds in just 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

(Also taking 9 positions in the first 13 of the Federation).

Highlights in 2006 again winning over 20 x 1st and taking the first 6 positions in the Federation at Portalnd 224 miles 1065 birds.

In 2006 flying in the National Flying Club St. Nazaire 451 miles I clocked 4 pigeons in 15 minutes winning 28th OPEN (with a yearling cock which was the first yearling flying over 400 miles and (1st yearling in section L) also 46th, 53rd, and 57th OPEN 4,338 birds. "The Postal Strike cock" went on again to win 268th OPEN 2,799 birds from Bordeaux 622 miles.
(A truly fantastic pigeon which has scored 10 times over the channel).

From the very start of pigeon racing fanciers have talked about, discussed, complained about, argued about, and in some cases had very heated discussions about loft location having to give certain members in their Club, Federation and Combines etc first drop or overfly of 100 yards 200 yards half a mile or a mile flying in the East or West of their respective clubs with the wind and weight of birds. With my birds I don't worry to much about it. Having to fly 50 miles 100 miles 150 miles and in some cases over 200 miles further in National races. Believe in your birds love them and you will get the best out of them like I do.

I would be pleased to help any new or old fanciers in anyway I can with advice or further information about my winning team of racing pigeons as I have only shown a selection of my small team on this website.

I hope that viewing the whole of my website gives you as much pleasure as I get myself owning such a fantastic team of birds which have performed against the best in the Country flying up to and over 622 miles in Open, Classic and National Races.

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  For further details and prices of young

      and old birds please ring Joe on 

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For further details and prices of young and old birds please ring Joe on 01772 861478.